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TARBAY Flagship Store






Margarita Island - Venezuela

Venezuelan brand of accessories and leather goods Tarbay stands for colour and quality. The brief was to design a flagship store that would not only represent the brand but also create a unique shopping experience for customers. The store is located in Margarita Island, a tropical tourist destination and primary inspiration behind the design.


Working around the concept of a house, the goal was to create a free flowing space were customers could walk around but also sit down for a cup of coffee. The main design feature is the pinewood staircase/pergola and jewellery case that articulates the entire space. It allows access to the second floor, creates a more intimate space with a lower ceiling in some areas, and houses the entire jewellery collection in a continuous gallery style showcase. A mix of materials was used in the space: concrete, bronze, metal, clay, different types of wood and foliage; with Tarbay’s pieces as main inspiration. 


Design team: Boulevard 03 - Gabriella Titone


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