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Domestic Collectables




The series explores the connections created between users and everyday objects, the different ways we interact with things and how we relate to them around the ritual of food.


Domestic Collectables is a family of 12 pieces designed to work together in different ways. Each element fits in more than one place and serves more than one purpose. Resulting in a fun and playful experience that seeks to engage while exploring all possible combinations.


Geometry is used as common language throughout the collection seeking to transcend cultural backgrounds. Simple shapes nest and intersect allowing the pieces to relate together in a variety of ways. Divided into Surfaces, Containers and Tools for their characteristics and function, the same piece can work as the lid to a bowl, the base of a cake stand or as a simple tray.


A mixture of fabrication processes is used: metal spinning, laser cutting, CNC milling and glass blowing. Also the materials have been chosen to highlight the function of each object: brass, copper, aluminium, marble and wood. By manufacturing the same piece in a variety of materials, the look of the group changes to suit different needs and tastes.


Domestic Collectables seeks to create a sense of occasion, where every meal is at the same time a personal journey and a collective experience.







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