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This is how it ALL starts

Every design begins its life as an idea. An interesting shape, a cool way to use a material, a different approach to a problem. That first spark. It is so clear but at the same time so intangible. It lives in the mind.

It first comes to life as a sketch. That (bit scary) moment when you put pen to paper and start drawing. This month will be 2 years since I showed my first designs at Salone Satellite during Salone del Mobile in Milan. It was a great place to share our work and see how people interacted with our pieces. What they thought, which ones were their favourite, what we could improve or change. At that point, they were only prototypes showing the shapes and materials that few months before were just drawings. Those pieces are now in production and sold around the world.

And it all started with a sketch.

I wanted to look back and use this appreciation to do something fun. It seems that lately my days are spent mostly marketing and selling the pieces, which has been interesting and exciting (and sometimes challenging). But I have to admit that I miss the spark. Grabbing pen and paper and getting to work.

So, I decided for this month do at least one sketch every day.

Let me know, Is there anything creative you love doing but don't seem to have the time?

I will be posting all the sketches and updates on the website, and on our Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #sketchaday and #designsketch. Please follow us to stay updated. X


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